Linda Barker tells kitchen students to find their niche

20 Feb, 18

TV presenter Linda Barker advises students to look at other designers

TV presenter and designer Linda Baker addressed students of the Foundation Degree in Kitchen Design with Buckinghamshire New University telling them to find their niche.

She said: “Kitchens are the most important aspect to get right in the home and impact on so many ways in which we live our lives. I find kitchens fascinating and, designed well; they can have a great effect on creating a beautiful home.

“As designers, it is important you find your niche and part of finding that niche is being able to look around and see what other designers are doing. Good design is obvious, great design is transparent.”

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Her talk formed part of a residential session at Missenden Abbey Conference Centre, which also saw Simon Jones of BSH Kitchen Division exploring the concept of Smart Homes and the future kitchen space.

Visiting professor Johnny Grey commented: “We were delighted that students were able to benefit from Linda Barker’s wealth of expertise and experience and hear about her latest projects. We look to provide two to three expert speakers from the kitchen design industry at each residential session to give a different perspective to our students and supplement the curriculum and visits they take to companies and design museums.”

Course leader of the Foundation Degree in Kitchen Design Paul Lighterness added: “The talk by Linda Barker was very inspirational for students, showing a real passion for her desire to create, inspired by everyday objects and ceramics to influence the feel and look of a space, translating and transcending into innovative designs and spaces.”