Linsky: UK products for UK retailers

18 Mar, 14

MD of Sensio Michael Linsky extols the virtue of UK designed product for UK retailers

At kbbBirmingham MD of Sensio, Michael Linsky extolled the virtues of supporting UK trade shows and the importance of UK-designed product for UK retailers.

Having exhibited at kbbBirmingham for the past 10 years, Michael Linsky exclaimed it was important to back UK trade shows as they face competition from European and American events: “We’ve got to support them and give the retailers a reason to come to see exhibitors and create things that inspire people.”

A key focus for Sensio has been to change its business strategy to design and manufacture products in the UK, including its latest bedroom lighting range and kitchen LED panel.

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Linsky explained: “Moving forward, for us as a company, we think everything should be designed by us. It should be our I.P [intellectual property].”

He added: “The best ideas come from retailers, so we should be listening to them more, doing our own products, and give them back to the retailers to sell.”

A full review of kbbBirmingham appears in the April issue of Kitchens & Bathrooms News.