London Taxi ad campaign launched by InSinkErator

Two vehicles featuring 4N1 Touch tap livery for four weeks

09 Jul, 19

Corresponding with its 80th anniversary celebrations and launch of its upgraded NeoTank, InSinkErator has launched a four-week London Taxi ad campaign.

InSinkErator launches London Taxi ad campaign


As part of its ongoing commitment to reduce single use plastic waste, InSinkErator has decorated the exterior and interior of two London taxi cabs with adverts featuring its 4N1 Touch Taps.

The 4N1 Touch tap offers an alternative to purchasing bottled water, as it provides filtered water in consumers’ homes.

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Travelling through the streets of London for four weeks, with average passenger journeys of between two and five miles, InSinkErator aims to increase the awareness of the brand and drive footfall for its retailers.

According to InSinkErator, 35.8million plastic bottles are used each day in the UK and 16million are not recycled and therefore end up in landfill or the ocean.

Marketing communications manager for InSinkErator Europe and Russia, Anne Kaarlela commented: “We will continue to encourage the use of refillable drinking bottles, instead of plastic bottles, are are committed to providing lifestyle-enhancing solutions, such as our 4N1 Touch Tap for our customers.”

She continued talking about the London taxi ad campaign: “Advertising InSinkErator on two London taxis offer us great exposure that will attract consumer attention.

“We hope this campaign will also increase footfall for our kitchen specialist retailers by displaying the 4N1 Touch tap, part of the exclusive Showroom Collection.”