Marflow Engineering slams administration rumours

01 Aug, 13

Rumours circulated over connection with Silverdale Bathrooms

Brassware manufacturer Marflow Engineering has assured its customers it is ‘business as usual’ despite rumours circulating about its association with Silverdale Bathrooms.

Silverdale has gone into administration and its connections with Marflow brought questions over the future of Marflow.

The two collaborated on the St James brassware collection in 2010 with Silverdale’s BC Sanitan. Silverdale.

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According to Marflow, it then continued as a supplier and was not involved in a financial partnership.

Marflow’s managing director David Gannon stated: “Nothing could be further from the truth and it’s very much business as usual for Marflow.

“We are obviously saddened at the demise of one of our suppliers, but this has had a minimal effect on our business as we are essentially a brassware manufacturer”.