Mereway Kitchens reports “business as usual”

Managing director of Mereway Kitchens Mark Mills has announced it is business as usual, following the company's decision to call in administrators.

15 Aug, 23

Managing director of Mereway Kitchens Mark Mills has announced it is business as usual, following the company’s decision to call in administrators.

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Mark Mills commented: “I wanted to take a moment to directly address recent events and provide clarity on the current state of affairs here at Mereway Kitchens.“First and foremost, let me assure you: it’s business as usual at Mereway Kitchens.“Unfortunately, due to legal constraints stemming from ongoing discussions, we couldn’t share our decision to file a notice of intention for administration as promptly as we would have liked.”

He continued: “I sincerely apologise for any uncertainty this may have caused.

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“Please understand that this decision was made after careful consideration, with our valued customers and partners in mind and we’re working diligently to ensure minimal disruption as we navigate this path.”

Mills thanked customers and staff for their support, during this time, and said the company would be announcing “positive” developments shortly.
“Our top priority has always been to uphold the strong relationships we have with our customers and to that end, my area sales managers, customer service teams and fellow directors have contacted all key customers to provide assurances that orders are still being placed and delivered.

“We are overwhelmed and grateful to our customers and our staff for their unwavering loyalty and support.As we look ahead, there are more positive developments that we have been diligently working towards which we hope to announce next week.“In conclusion, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your continued support.

“The KBB sector thrives on the strength of our relationships, and I’m confident that by working together, we’ll overcome any challenges that come our way”.

Established in 1986, Mereway Kitchens recently rebranded with a new visual identity to position the company in the luxury sector.