Mereway Kitchens: Signature meets painted trend

08 Mar, 18

Flatpainted furniture offers contemporary twist to traditional designs

Q: What is the story of your stand at kbb Birmingham?

A: We’re focusing on a brand new range which we are very excited about, called Signature. It’s a single piece door, which has been developed to give a contemporary twist on a traditional design.

Q: How does it fit into your current portfolio?

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A: It’s part of the English Revival range but it’s actually a very different product because for the first time, it is a flat painted finish. All of the carcases are colour co-ordinated to the door frontals. There’s a palette of 12 contemporary colours and you can also mix and match them.

Q: What has the response been like?

A: We’ve had a really good response to it. It’s tapped into a trend in the market that’s happening at the moment, with a lot of retailers asking for painted kitchens. Flat painted seems to be a trend that is growing very rapidly.

Q: What advice would you offer kitchen retailers worried about trading in the current climate?

A: They need to sell more things to their existing customers and to generate interest in other products. We’ve done a lot of training and a lot of development on media furniture. We have a brand new range of fitted bedrooms and a lot of our kitchen retailers are also selling bathrooms now. It’s a very cheap way of developing future business.