Merlyn used KBB to launch Arysto

24 Mar, 16

Arysto helped Merlyn “smash” its sales targets, explains marketing manager Edel Nicholson

K&B News: Why are you exhibiting at KBB Birmingham?

Edel Nicholson (EN): We’re here to launch Arysto by Merlyn, which is our vision of the ultimate showering experience. It’s a luxury range, made from 10mm glass, in a number of different polished finishes and it’s also got our new and innovative Halo handle. It [features] an LED frame and an LED handle, so it glows when [user’s] touch the handle.

K&B News: What has the reaction been like from visitors?

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EN: It’s been really well received by our customers and it’s been a really successful show for us.

K&B News: How can you quantify the show’s success?

EN: We’ve smashed our [sales] targets. Each day they are over by about 200% of what we expected. It’s been really good, really worthwhile.