Methven supports Waterwise for second year

CEO to speak at Waterwise conference, held in London, on March 19

10 Mar, 20

Brassware manufacturer Methven is supporting Waterwise for the second year running, to help the UK reduce its water usage.

Methven supports Waterwise for second year

CEO of Methven UK Martin Walker


There are concerns the UK will experience severe water shortages and water-stressed regions in the next 20 years due to climate change and population growth.

As a result the Environment Agency is urging everyone to reduce their water usage by 40 litres or more.

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Statistics suggest that each individual uses around 56 litres of water in the bathroom accounting for 40% of their total water usage per day.

Waterwise is an independent charity focused on reducing water consumption within the UK whose aim is to support and challenge governments and others to be innovative and ambitious on water efficiency.

CEO of Methven UK Martin Walker will deliver a presentation and Q&A to delegates at the Waterwise Annual Conference at De Vere Holborn Bars in London on March 19.

Martin Walker comments: “Water efficiency is at the very heart of our business and last year’s Waterwise Annual Conference was a fantastic platform to engage with senior decision makers within commercial, industrial and public sector organisations.

“Here at Methven, we believe that by making simple changes, such as using our water-saving technology within the bathroom, these ambitious water-saving targets can be met.

“By working together with Waterwise, we hope to amplify our message of being more water efficient and educate the public on how they can make little changes to their day-to-day lives which will make a real impact on the environment.”

Methven has received international acclaim for sustainable design and has created water-saving technologies such as its patented Satinjet, Aurajet and Vjet spray technologies, found in its Turoa showers.