Methven CEO: End of baths in 10 years

05 Mar, 15

The future bathroom will see the end of the bathtub, exclaims David Banfield

At the launch of its Aio shower range, featuring Aurajet technology, CEO of Methven David Banfield predicted the end of the bath in 10 years.

Speaking to a 90-strong audience of designers, trade and consumer press at the Shangri-La Hotel in London, he exclaimed water saving will become an integral part of bathroom design.

David Banfield said consumers are becoming more environmentally aware, as he pointed out: “People want to be environmentally conscious but they don’t want it thrust into their faces like it is some altruistic thing.” But he stated it will become more of a consumer choice: “We will see more and more where carbon and water footprints are added to products, so you can make those choices yourself, about products that fit your need. Materials will [also] be a key consumer choice.”

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Predicting the future face of bathroom design, David Banfield said: “What we see in the bathroom in the future are two major developments. First off, water saving does become an inherent part, [but] water-saving without compromise. You’ve got to have a fantastic showering experience but water-saving will become increasingly relevant and we’re predicting the end of the bath in the next 10 years.”

He continued, stating, the bathroom will become a more holistic health and well-being experience: “Also what you’ll have is the bathroom becomes a place of self-diagnosis. There’s a dramatic expansion in blood, fat, glucose monitoring, where people can do that in the privacy of their bathroom. So it becomes a place of solitude and where products can really enhance the overall feel.”