MHK reports largest ever membership growth

Kitchen retail buying group MHK has reported its largest year-on-year increase in membership since the group was established forty years ago.

16 Apr, 24

Kitchen retail buying group MHK has reported its largest year-on-year increase in membership, since the group was established forty years ago.

MHK reports largest ever membership growth

It saw 356 partners join the group, bringing its total membership to 4,233 in Europe.

However, CEO of MHK Voker Klodwig pointed to the challenges faced by the leadership team of Carolin Kronenberg (CFO), Thorsten Hallermeier (CDO), Dr. Olaf Hoppelshäuser and Frank Bermbach.

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Volker Klodwig said: “The wider market conditions did not make it easy for us in 2023 making it all more important to show a clear stance, which is exactly what we have done.

“We were able to demonstrate to our partners in the KBB industry not only our fantastic achievements for 2023 but that we understand their day-to-day business and can offer them dedicated, tailored and comprehensive support.”

MHK attributed its success to active management, its portfolio of services, own brands such as Xeno, as well as initiatives for digitalisation solutions that increase efficiency.

In the specialist kbb retail sector, MHK Group has introduced Carat kitchenstox, an 100% cloud-based ERP solution that integrates into Carat planning software.

Currently available in Germany and Austria, the group plans for Carat kitchenstox to be introduced in other European countries.

Overall, MHK partners generated gross sales amounting to €9.661 billion, which Volker Klodwig credited to a 9% growth in membership and a more premium offering driving increased selling prices.

Volker Klodwig looked to the future with cautious optimism, as he stated: “Currently, there are many ‘wild cards”’– global trouble spots and unpredictable political developments, and we are looking anxiously towards 5th November given the risk of renewed protectionism in the USA”, he says.

“We will only know in hindsight whether we have overcome a ‘bump’ or a comprehensive transformation of our economy.

“What is crucial is that we play our part. Is a turnaround in interest rates close? If so, specialist dealers and companies with an attractive product and service portfolio should be there from the start.

“Will AI ensure productivity growth? If that is the case, it should be integrated exactly where it brings real benefit to our partners.”

He concluded “Our project roadmap is well developed, and we are focussed on growing even further.

“We demonstrated this in 2023 with our intimate knowledge of our retailers, our unique service portfolio, and our innovation pipeline whose target focus is always the benefit for our partners.”