Miele to launch “Quality Ahead of its Time” TV ad campaign

Premium appliance manufacturer Miele is set to launch ‘Quality Ahead of its Time’ TV ad campaign from October 8 until November 22, 2021.

27 Sep, 21

Premium appliance manufacturer Miele is set to launch its  ‘Quality Ahead of its Time’ TV advertising campaign from October 8 until November 26, 2021.

Miele to launch "Quality Ahead of its Time" TV ad campaign 1

The creative campaign, which made its debut earlier this year on digital platforms, and achieved over 71 million impressions, is designed to drive desire for the brand while addressing the consumer question, “Why Miele?”

It focusses on the company’s core values based upon craftmanship, performance and sustainability.

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Miele worked with creative director, Dan Tobin Smith to produce the ‘Quality Ahead of its Time’ photographic content.

The manifesto behind the campaign centres around Miele’s 120-year heritage in manufacturing appliances, most of which are designed and tested to last for 20 years.

Creative assets will include brand messaging as well as specific unique selling points for Miele laundry and cooking appliances.

Marketing director for Miele GB Helen Pyman said: “Our modelling and research shows that TV is still the most effective medium to drive brand awareness for Miele in the UK.

“This fourth quarter campaign more than doubles our media investment for 2021 which is quadruple the spend in previous years.

“The ‘Quality Ahead of its Time’ TV ad, supported by instore point of sale, will allow for effective reach and frequency to provide the foundations to deliver measurable market share growth, benefitting our retail partners.”

It will feature across Channel 4, Sky and ITV and will be supported by broadcaster Video on Demand platforms such as ITV Hub, Sky, and Channel 4 On Demand.

Short-form Video on Demand will also be used to extend reach through YouTube, Facebook and Hearst Magazines social media.

The company has three Experience Centres in the UK, having recently opened a showroom in Edinburgh, where consumers can interact with live products and experience new technology.