Mira wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Honoured for electric shower Mira Sport Max

03 May, 19

The Mira Sport Max from Mira Showers has won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise and the company will be invited to Buckingham Palace on September 25 to receive the honour.

Mira wins Queen's Award for Enterprise

The electric shower features patented Airboost technology, to increase flow by up to 30% without increasing -water use.

In addition, it also boasts Opti-flow, which optimises water flow throughout the year, Clearscale technology to reduce limescale and Sensi-Flo to prevent scalding.

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This is the second time Mira has won the honour, having been presented a Queen’s Award for its Flight Safe anti-slip shower tray.

Marketing director at Mira Showers Emma Foster said: “We are incredibly proud to have been awarded the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for the second time.

“This recognition highlights our commitment to innovation and the hard work and level of detail we put into the research and design stages, which allows us to ensure products we bring to market are meeting the ever-changing demands from both consumers and installers.”

Managing director of Mira Showers Craig Baker added: “As a forward-thinking company, we are committed to understanding and delivering what our customers want.

“Our dedication to developing exclusive technology is what has made Mira the biggest contributor to the showering industry in the last 90 years.

“Mira’s Research and Development team is always working collaboratively to look for ways to maximise the shower experience.

“Holding regular meetings with our Installer Clubs throughout the UK – as they are the voice of the user – and using this insight to shape the design of products allows us to bring new technology to life.”