Mobalpa expands UK franchise network

04 Apr, 14

Pilot store with £1million target turnover and six more showrooms planned

French kitchen furniture manufacturer Mobalpa has revealed targets of a £1.1 million turnover for 2014 and £1.3 million for 2015 for its pilot franchise showroom in Warrington.

In addition, the company plans to open six showrooms in the UK over the next two years.

Apeing its franchise network in France, which has 280 stores, Mobalpa implemented its franchise model for the UK market with the opening of its Warrington showroom, in June 2012.

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The Warrington showroom has reported a positive first year, with profits after the first full year of trading and a 50% conversion rate.

Mobalpa UK’s franchise director, Cyril Raberin commented: “It has been an exciting time for Mobalpa and the showroom in Warrington has demonstrated the interest of such a unique retail concept in the UK market.”

He added: “The success of the first year only demonstrates the potential for Mobalpa in the UK and our plans for future growth are already in motion. We are looking to grow the franchise over the year with three new showrooms, both in the North and South. The second showroom is due to open in Richmond in May and there are conversations already in place for the next two.”

Raberin continued: “The franchise package we offer is unique and we are keen to get people who are the right fit for Mobalpa. We have a clear ethos which allows us to provide dedicated support and training to new franchisees, to ensure they are as profitable as they can be, whilst enjoying what they do and continuing to grow.”