Mobalpa officially opens Richmond franchise

11 Sep, 14

First independently-owned Mobalpa showroom

French kitchen furniture manufacturer Mobalpa has opened its first franchise in Richmond, Surrey.

Following a £300,000 investment, the 211sqm showroom is staffed by four personnel including its owner, Biola Apooyin, a businessman from outside of the kitchen industry.

UK franchise director of Mobalpa Cyril Raberin commented: “It is a very exciting time for Mobalpa and we are delighted to welcome Biola to the team.

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“The addition of Mobalpa Richmond will continue to raise the profile of Mobalpa specifically in the south and welcome new customers to French kitchen furniture. This is just our second showroom to open in the UK but we are looking to open an additional two in the coming month.”

The opening of the Richmond showroom follows the successful launch of Mobalpa’s pilot showroom, which opened in June 2012, in Warrington and Mobalpa expects to open a further franchises across the UK by the end of 2016.

Mobalpa began in 1907 as a family cabinetmaking workshop in Thones in the French Alps and introduced Mobalpa brand kitchens in 1949 and launched into the UK in 1980 to the independent retail channel. It now has four production sites in France and employs 1,000 people worldwide.

Although Mobalpa will continue to serve its existing independent dealers, which provide a turnover of £3million, going forwards it will only be taking on franchisees for the brand.