Montpellier brand splits from DAD

15 Jan, 16

Distributor own-brand now stand-alone

Own-brand appliance Montpellier has now split from its originator Domestic Appliance Distributors (DAD) and now become a stand-alone entity.

Tewkesbury-based distributor DAD introduced the brand in 2012, which spans washing machines, dishwashers, refrigeration, through to range cookers and includes integrated and built-in cooking. Montpellier was designed to offer retailers margin for appliances sales, with availability and after-sales support.

Managing director of DAD Adrian Gilmore claimed the brand had grown to such a size that it could stand alone and said interest from a consortium has led the brand to leaving the DAD portfolio.

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He commented: “We have been negotiating this opportunity for some time, knowing it was on the cards we have strengthened the senior management team.”

In November Gary Millar joined the company as head of marketing for the Montpellier brand and February 2016 will see the addition of a brand sales director.

It is believed Montellier will be expanding its brand, with seven wine coolers, from a 7-bottle unit to a 166-bottle model, plus additions to its range cookers, which will all supported by a website and marketing.

DAD will continue to distribute the Montpellier brand of major domestic appliances.