Multipanel unveils billboard ad campaign

Outdoor advertising campaign with expected reach of 5.6million viewers

28 Aug, 18

Waterproof wall panel manufacturer Multipanel has unveiled a billboard advertising campaign The Smart Alternative to Tiles.

It comprises of digital, backlit and traditional illuminated billboards sited along major arterial routes, in locations such as Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Leeds, Slough, Luton, Bristol and Bradford.

Multipanel unveils billboard ad campaign




The advertising features interior designer and TV personality Linda Barker and has been designed to build awareness and grow sales through retailers and merchants.

Linda Barker has recently launched her own collection of 13 Multipanel bathroom wall panels including a mixture of stone, wood, colours and textures.

Multipanel is a brand of Grant Westfield, which manufactures over 8,000 panels a week.

Managing director of Grant Westfield Sarah McLean commented on the outdoor advertising campaign, which is a first for the company: “We are confident that it will cut through a very noisy media landscape, and provide us with a fantastic opportunity to grow awareness and make the Multipanel brand resonate with consumers.

“Criteria for choosing the sites for our advertising has been made on the basis of reaching the largest volume of homeowners in the markt for renovating their bathrooms.

“We estimate that from the start to the end of The Smart Alternative to Tiles campaign, over 5.6million drivers and passersby will view our adverts.

The Smart Alternative to Tiles campaign will run until October/early November.

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