MX up and running after fire

25 Nov, 14

Shower tray factory returns to full production after fire

UK shower tray manufacturer MX Group has confirmed a fire at its Tewkesbury manufacturing site damaged one of three shower tray manufacturing units on the site. The other two units and the stock, which is stored in an adjoining warehouse on the site, were unafffected.

MX Chairman Bernard Robinson commented: “Of course it’s disappointing and inconvenient when this sort of thing happens and we apologise for the inevitable disruption that occurred in our dealings with our customers and suppliers. We continue to manufacture here on site and the substantial stock of shower trays we keep on site to fulfil orders escaped the fire totally undamaged, so we will continue to make deliveries.

He continued: “The fire not only took out one of the three shower tray factories, it took out all communications, computer networks and all of the electricity supply into where the offices were based. We have relocated into temporary offices, just down the road from the main site and we have a replacement computer network and communications equipment in place. Our electric showers, mixer valves, accessories and enclosure business are totally unaffected and it is only shower trays where we have a minor difficulty.”

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The fire took place on November 13 but by November 17, the MX team were making ABS stone resin shower trays again – an incredible feat of character and determination on their part, in so short a time scale.

MX has confirmed it will be back to full production by midweek this week (week commencing 24th November). It plans to rebuild the damaged facility and return it to production as soon as is practical.

The company has had all of the telephones diverted to the new offices, but anyone having problems with the normal telephone and fax numbers should try 01684 854402 for telephone enquiries and 01684 854425 as an alternative fax line.

Bernard Robinson commented: “All of our staff have surpassed themselves with their efforts, loyalty and contributions. I am so proud of them all. We will be updating our web site at least every other day to ensure we keep everyone up to speed with developments but I’m confident that by the time this is being read, we will be back to pre-fire operations.”