Nearly 40% of Brits don’t seek water saving advice finds WRAS

People underestimate water use by 55%

01 May, 19

According to research by the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS), 38% of Brits don’t seek water saving advice and one in four people (24%) don’t know how much water they use.

Nearly 40% of Brits don't seek water saving advice finds WRAS


It revealed only 6% of people surveyed by WRAS ask a plumber for water-saving advice.

The findings have been revealed during Water Saving Week, which has been promoted by Waterwise to share water-saving ideas, challenges and solutions.

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According to WRAS, the average UK households uses 350 litres per days, but people estimate their family uses 157 litres – 55% less than they do.

When it came to bad water using habits, it found 29% admitted they don’t reuse water when cooking or preparing food and 22% leave the tap running when brushing their teeth.

According to WRAS the average time the tap is left running while brushing teeth is 54 seconds, which could waste up to 12 litres of water.

WRAS further found 13% of Brits were guilty of having a bath followed by a shower.

Managing director of WRAS Julie Spinks commented: “It’s important that plumbers and other water industry professionals actively offer advice to clients on water saving.

Although more than half (53%) of UK homes now have a water meter, research shows that people are still not giving a huge amount of thought to their water usage at home, even it if could save them money and help the environment.”

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association has released videos to help consumers think about how much water they use and encourage them to look for the Unified Water Label.