Neff hosts Augmented Reality pop-up events

Kitchens at Waterloo train station in London and Bluewater shopping centre in Kent

23 Apr, 19

Home appliance brand Neff has harnessed Augmented Reality (AR) technology for a series of pop-up events across England.

Neff hosts Augmented Reality pop-up events

Using AR, it will unveil a state-of-the-art kitchen at Bluewater shopping centre in Kent on April 25 and April 26, 2019.

Having already featured at London’s Waterloo train station, the pop-up event features a giant mirror where users can see a fully equipped kitchen with themselves in it.

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Played in a 30 second loop, an animation starts with the kitchen units and dining table appearing out of the ground, followed by the range of Neff appliances including its Slide & Hide oven.

The animation ends with a meal being served ready for a dinner party.

Neff group marketing manager Jo Eyers commented on the AR pop-up event: “We’ve had some fantastic feedback from people that saw the pop-up at Waterloo and are so excited for everyone to see the animation, again, in Bluewater.

“It’s a fantastic way to showcase our products and give people a feel for what Neff is all about – bringing everyone together through a love of cooking.”