Neolith: Setting up UK subsidiary

14 Mar, 18

UK warehouse and showroom will give assurance of reliability of supply

Q: What new products have you introduced?

A: We’ve launched four new colours and, moreover, we have increased significantly the range. Now we have almost the entire palette in 20mm, which is going to be a very important thickness to penetrate into the countertop market. Finally, we also brought the Infinity system, which will allow fabricators to have longer countertops.

Q: Just before the show you released a statement about setting up a UK subsidiary…

A: After more than five years of presence in the [UK] market, we felt it was important to become closer to our customer base so what better than our own depot? Secondly, we want to give the assurance that despite the political turmoil the supply of Neolith will remain rock solid.

Q: Neolith is also set to open a trade showroom in London. Can you tell us about it?

A: We are also going to have a flagship showroom in the centre of London where we are going to be able to showcase Neolith in many applications. It will be opened in the next two months at the Business Design Centre, which is at the epicentre of the design world in London.