Officine Gullo announces retail partnership with Smallbone

Italian kitchen company Officine Gullo has announced a retail partnership with Smallbone

19 Nov, 20

Following the opening of its flagship London showroom, earlier this year, Italian kitchen company Officine Gullo has announced a retail partnership with Smallbone.

Officine Gullo to launch UK showroom in London


Luxury kitchen retailer Smallbone will showcase a range of Officine Gullo specialist cooking equipment in a new showroom on the Brompton Road, which is due to launch in winter 2020.

The kitchen retailer’s Iconic collection, will be displayed alongside Officine Gullo’s professional ranges and specialist cooking appliances developed for home use.

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Director of Officine Gullo, Pietro Gullo commented: “Ultimately the companies have their own specific backgrounds but that is the beauty of this partnership.

“We have two brands with a deep heritage working in a different but parallel local tradition. It makes perfect sense for us to work together.

“It makes me proud to see our specialist appliances powering these beautifully crafted kitchens.”

Speaking about the collection which will be showcased in Smallbone, brand consultant for Officine Gullo Alison Henry commented: “We have selected a very smart pairing of signature white panels with gun metal trim for the metalwork, range and hood to tie in with the new look kitchen from Smallbone.

“While cooking is the focus of this kitchen it also looks outstanding, creating the perfect backdrop for entertaining family and friends while at the same time demonstrating the bespoke nature of what we do.”

Also available at the Smallbone showroom will be a classic, freestanding prosciutto sliver and professional BBQ, alongside a range of own-brand kitchen accessories.