Omega completes £1million investment

Kitchen manufacturer Omega is set to complete its £1million investment, to improve sales processes for trade customers, at the start of this year.

16 Jan, 24

British kitchen manufacturer Omega is set to complete its £1million investment, to improve sales processes for retail and contract customers, at the start of this year.

Omega completes £1million investment in 2024

In addition, the price freeze introduced by the Yorkshire manufacturer in October 2022, for 16 months, has been extended to April 5, 2024.

CEO of Omega CEO Simon Barber said: “As a business we continually look to the future believing investment in product, technology and people is what drives us forward. 

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“The start of 2024 will see the completion of a £1 million project to improve our sales processes to benefit both our contracts and retail customers.”

It follows on from its financial outlay in 2023, which saw the introduction of a new brand Novus, new door ranges, paint colours and custom panel service.

Commenting on the success of the handleless Novus brand, Omega retail sales director James Bishtonsaid: “It’s exceeded the expectations of both our new and existing customers who are looking for a UK sourced option for contemporary kitchens. 

Novus has helped us capture new customer sales and seize market share since its launch in Summer 2023.

“Our new partners have also successfully engaged with our existing painted shaker kitchens, to widen their own offers aligned to core UK market trends.”

According to the company, the success has also been mirrored in the contracts market.

Omega contracts sales and operations director Katy Snow said: “Since the launch in May 2023, Novus has generated great interest from our contract developers on both housing developments and Major Project apartment schemes, including Berkeley Eight Gardens Development the first to showcase Novus in volume.

“Novus differentiates our contract customers from other developers in their area which demonstrates a value-added proposition to potential home buyers.

“Omega’s robust supply chain, large stock holding and excellent design and manufacturing capabilities in the business has also supported several new customers from site takeovers delivering kitchens on very short lead times.”

Based in South Yorkshire, Omega PLC has a £60million turnover and a 13,000 sqft showroom, claimed to be the largest, upmarket business-to-business kitchen display area in the UK.