Orgill frustrated retailers aren’t promoting water-efficient bathrooms

Despite BMA research which reveals 75% of consumers want to use water more wisely

19 Aug, 20

Managing director of the Unified Water Label (UWL) Yvonne Orgill has voiced her frustration that retailers aren’t promoting water-efficient bathrooms to their customers.

Yvonne Orgill joins NHIC board


She says research carried out the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) highlighted the need for retailers and installers to promote water-efficient products to consumers.

Yvonne Orgill commented: “This latest research shows us, once again, that consumers would be influenced in their buying choices, if they had more information about the water efficiencies of the bathroom products they are buying.

“It is frustrating, as the products are available from manufacturers and many choose to display the Unified Water Label, which provides the information consumers seek.

“But retailers and installers are not taking the opportunity to provide this information to the consumer.”

She continued: “The BMA research found that three-quarters of British adults try to use water wisely, whenever they can, with 75% of respondents recognising the importance of individual responsibility in saving water.

“However, the survey also reported that four in 10 adults are not sure how to improve the water efficiency in their home (41%) and three in 10 (28%) don’t know how much water they use daily.”

Orgill exclaimed: “Clearly retailers and installers are missing an opportunity to change behaviour and support them in making more informed choices.

“Around half of respondents surveyed would like to improve their household water efficiency (55%) and state it influences their purchasing decision (51%).|”

She continued: “The bathroom industry has to take responsibility for this issue, as with the absence of any incentives from Government, it is up to us to provide the environmental benefit of our products.”

Her rallying cry follows the announcement that bathroom fittings are excluded from the Green Homes Grant.

She urged retailers and installers to “actively seek out products that carry the Unified Water Label and market the environmental benefits to their customers.”