Positive outlook for 2016 kbb sales

08 Jan, 16

Retail and contract show growth but suppliers are cautious of changing climate

Kitchen and bathroom sales will be strong in both retail and contract markets, according to manufacturers and suppliers, as they state consumer confidence has grown.

Managing director of Roman, David Osborne (pictured centre) states: “Geographically most of the UK seems positive with retail looking forward to a continued slow and steady growth. The trade side is [also] looking to be very busy, with housebuilders and projects there look to be a high level of activity – overall it looks to be a positive 2016.”

Suppliers claim low interest rates, allowing for cheaper borrowing, higher disposable incomes and a willingness to invest in property extensions will see growth in retail bathroom and kitchen sales. In addition, they report investment in house building will also encourage sales in the contract market.

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Marketing director of Franke UK Fiona Bowyer (pictured right) comments: “As the new government beds in and its policies for economic growth and investment in house building act as a positive stimulus for growth, we are optimistic that this will continue and improve.”

And group managing director UK for Crosswater, Michael Coughlin agrees, stating: “More houses will be built and we expect the developers to look for differentiation in product, quality and finishes, together with more ‘wow’ factors, as they look to entice an increasingly savvier consumer.”

Industry experts suggest following the recession, savvy consumers are prepared to spend more money, looking for quality products, offering better value for money. However, this means they will be playing greater consideration to the purchasing process, taking more time to spend their hard-earned cash.

Senior brand manager for Whirlpool, Jennifer Spragg (pictured left) adds: “The recession wasn’t just a tough experience for retailers; it bred wiser, more sophisticated consumers who now want greater value for their money…Much greater thought is being applied to the purchasing decision.”

Although 2016 is forecast to have a positive outlook, experts also issue a word of warning about the fragility of the market. David Osborne of Roman concludes: “We advise caution as interest rates and political issues could impact on material prices and demand worldwide.”