PWS sponsored WAGs CD raises 5,000GBP

15 Aug, 14

More than 500 CDs copies sold, with proceeds going towards Help for Heroes

Kitchen distributor PWS has supported the recording of a Military WAGs choir CD, which has raised over £5,000 for Help for Heroes.

More than 500 CDs have been sold and proceeds from the sales will go towards a £100,000 appeal for a performing arts centre at Phoenix House, the Help for Heroes Recovery Centre in Catterick, North Yorkshire.

The Harmonies for Heroes CD is available online from The Military WAGs website, with one of the songs Dancing with You available to download from iTunes. 

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Chief executive of PWS, Mark Stephenson is a trustee of The Miltary WAGS choir and was led by the choir’s musical director Carol Gedye and press officer at PWS Jill Lundberg.

PWS has donated four self-help kitchens to the Recovery Centre at Catterick and a further three kitchens for the Endeavour Recovdery Centre in Plymouth. The distributor also provides residents at Phoenix House with vocational visits, to learn about job opportunities outside the military.