RAK invests $14m into sanitaryware factory enhancing sustainability

Abu Dhabi-headquartered manufacturer RAK Ceramics has announced a $14 million (USD) investment in its sanitaryware production line in the UAE.

15 Mar, 23

Abu Dhabi-headquartered bathroom, tiling and panel manufacturer RAK Ceramics has announced a $14 million (USD) investment in its sanitaryware production line in the UAE.

RAK invests $14m into sanitaryware production enhacing sustainability

It is upgrading the facility with the latest kilns to elevate the sustainability of the company’s sanitaryware manufacturing.

RAK Ceramics aims to begin installation of the new machinery in 2023, with the ambition of going online in the first half of 2024.

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This investment will allow the sanitaryware line to incorporate latest technology in the heat exchanger system of kilns.

It will boast the capability for future conversion to hydrogen fuel and waste heat recycling.

Once operational, RAK Ceramics reports it will maximise production efficiency and realise “significant” savings in both energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Additionally, the process allows for an enhanced yield during production, reducing waste and increasing capacity.

Commenting on the investment, group CEO of RAK Ceramics Abdallah Massaad said: “As a responsible manufacturer and as the fourth largest ceramics player in the world, we have an important role to play on the global stage to make the industry more sustainable.

“This investment and the launch of this project in our sanitaryware business truly anchors our commitment to sustainability and our drive to long-term value for our stakeholders.”

“For this year, we aim to stimulate sustainability further through our functions and businesses, as we established a clear commitment to prioritise and support sustainable investments, and we are currently working alongside experts in the field to help us in our sustainability journey.”

The company has outlined its 2023 priorities, defining and implementing a sustainability strategy for the short-to-medium term, which incorporates further ESG practices, and has adopted it across all its operations.

RAK Ceramics recently reported turnover growth of 22.9%, to AED 3.52 billion, and a record net profit up 19.8% against the previous year.