Rearo relaunches Selkie panels

Surface manufacturer Rearo has relaunched its Selkie range of bathroom wall panels with 15 new designs added to its 30-strong collection.

14 Dec, 23

Surface manufacturer Rearo has relaunched its Selkie range of bathroom wall panels with 15 new designs added to its 30-strong collection.

Rearo relaunches Selkie panels

The Glasgow-based producer of high pressure wall panels and kitchen surfaces has also added to its Tradeline range, with four new designs.

The Selkie range relaunch follows research, that included sending a consultant to the Milan Fashion Week to explore design trends.

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According to Rearo, bathroom and kitchen designs operate in a three year cycle and, to ‘future engineer’ its ranges, the company consulted with home décor and retail fashion professionals.

The design influences in the new Selkie range include Japandi, Allure Collection and Inspire Collection.

Internal sales and customer service manager Sean Reidford said: “To keep the range ahead of the curve, we have removed 15 designs that were coming to the end of their lifespan in the fashion cycle and replaced them, with 15 new designs.

“We did a lot of research and took soundings from different sources, including from fashion experts across a range of fields and, of course, from our customers.

“Influences often start in the clothing fashion world before moving into home décor and design and so it’s important that we keep on top of that.

“Constantly watching trends and developments ensures we’re always on top of what’s trending and, so, our customers know that their kitchens and bathrooms will still look in vogue in several years’ time.”

Rearo relaunches Selkie panels 1

Reidford added: “While we are keeping our core, best-sellers, we are also introducing some new, on-trend designs that complement current paint ranges as well as curtains, blinds, and ceramic tile designs.

“It means that we can accommodate customers who are looking to do a feature wall or who want to have panels around their bath or shower. It also means that our products are adaptable and can be updated by accessorising.”

“We are confident the colours will work. It’s not just about what’s trending now. We want our customers to be confident that their homes will not look dated in three years’ time.”