Register appliances in Product Safety Week

Homeowners encouraged to register appliances during Product Safety Week

21 Oct, 19

Consumers are being reminded to register their kitchen appliances during Product Safety Week, which takes place from October 21-25.


Register appliances in Product Safety Week


The Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) is encouraging people to visit and complete details, so they will be informed if there is a safety notice or product recall.

Run by AMDEA, means manufacturers can locate the owners of appliances during a product recall.

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Consumers can even re-register if they’ve moved home and taken appliances with them.

Register my Appliance has also issued Safety Matters for Appliance Owners, which makes clear how people can best prepare ahead of any possible recall.

With an estimated 170 million large appliances in use in UK homes, the call is going out to consumers who have yet to register their fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines or dishwashers.

AMDEA also want to reminds people, the site is not just for registering new appliances.

Consumers who have second hand or  inherited appliances can still include details on, as the site can take registrations for products up to 12 years old.

Although anyone thinking of acquiring an older appliance should first check that they are not already subject to a recall on the Government recall listing.

AMDEA is supporting International Product Safety Week and their #ReactToRecalls campaign which is co-ordinated by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS).

The trade association also works closely with OPSS throughout the year to urge consumers to register their appliances as a matter of home safety.

Acting chief executive of AMDEA Sian Lewis said: “Just because you’ve had a chest freezer in the garage for a few years does not mean you should neglect to register it. It’s important, to keep your home safe.

“Take stock of all your appliances and get them registered. If there is ever an emergency repair or a recall, the manufacturer will then know where to find you.”