Remote design consultations will become standard, says retailer

Independent kbb retailers will need to offer remote design consultations, even after lockdown restrictions have been lifted

10 Apr, 20

Remote design consultations will become a standard part of a kitchen or bathroom retailer’s offer, following the COVID-19 lockdown, says sales director of Domus Interiors.

Remote design consultations will become standard, says retailer


Speaking in our new series of weekly video interviews, KBN1-2-1, Toby Griffin says retailers have had to learn new ways of communicating with customers because of social distancing.

He believes it has seen the biggest change to the kbb retail industry during the lockdown, and says it could make an impact on business even when restrictions have been lifted.

Griffin says the benefits of remote meetings, including saving time, spending less on travel and a reduction in carbon emissions could see it become part and parcel of kbb business.

In fact, Griffin suggested half of his meetings could be held remotely, and said: “I would hope, at the back end of this [lockdown], we would consider whether we would have to meet somebody in person, pick up the phone or meet remotely.”

He added: “I think a one-to-one, physical meeting is very difficult to beat, but plenty of meetings can be held like this [remotely].”

Griffin explained Magnet has already introduced remote consultations, where designers can screen share their projects with customers.

He believes, going forwards, independent kitchen and bathroom retailers will also need to offer the service.

Griffin stated: “I think it [remote design] will need to be in everyone’s portfolio.”

And he said for future generations, remote communications (such as for design consultations) will become natural.

Speaking about the current lockdown situation, Griffin reminded retailers: “Remember it will be over. China is coming out of the other end now.”

He praised the Government financial support for small businesses and added “there is plenty of help out there.”

And speaking positively about once the lockdown restrictions are lifted, Griffin concluded: “We’ll keep our fingers crossed, we might get a bit of a [sales] bounce out of the back of this.

“So get yourselves sorted. Get yourself ready and primed.”