Retailers must rethink customer experience

Sales environments now based on multi-sensory experiences

17 Jan, 19

Bathroom and kitchen retailers must rethink the customer experience because successful showroom environments are now based upon emotionality and appealing to the senses.

Senior design manager for brand environments and experiences at Grohe Carina Buhlert said showrooms that focus on multi-sensory experiences have proven to be more effective than a retail store just presenting  products.

She commented: “At Grohe we are trying to really grasp this concept and deep dive into the whole experiential sector, giving the customers more than just a product.”

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At the Sleep+Eat exhibition, Grohe provided two bars – one for its Grohe Red instant hot water tap and one for its Grohe Blue filtered water tap – where visitors could try beverages in an “immersive experience”.

Retailers must rethink customer approach

Carina Bulhert says bathroom and kitchen retailers could take a look at other disciplines, such as fashion stores, to take inspiration and create an emotional experience in their showroom.

She says technology will play a part in creating a multi-sensory showroom, with greater use of virtual reality and augmented reality instore.

However, Buhlert also believes the retail experience needs to be a mixture of analogue and digital, as consumers are seeking a sanctuary and digital detox in the bathroom.