Retailer twins showroom for charity

20 Feb, 15

Providing funds and raising awareness for global sanitation

Glasgow-based Create Bathroom and Kitchen Studio has twinned its showroom with a toilet in Bujumbura, Burundi to help raise money for Cord and Tearfund which provide safe sanitation for developing countries.

Toilet Twinning not only helps to raise funds, allowing enable people living in poor communities to have clean water, a decent toilet, and to learn about hygiene but also raises global awareness.

According to the World Health Organisation /2.5billion people don’t have access to safe sanitation.

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Create Bathroom and Kitchen studio paid a £60 donation to twin its showroom with a toilet in developing countries.

Director of Create Bathroom and Kitchen Studio, Kenneth Thom, said: “/2.5 billion people, 40% of the world’s population, don’t have somewhere safe, clean and hygienic to go to the loo. The human impact of this is enormous: nearly one in five child deaths each year is due to diarrhoea.

“We were really inspired to commit to this charity when we installed a new bathroom for clients of ours who twinned their new bathroom.”