Rolf Viegener of Bette to retire

01 Aug, 13

Ladislao Santamaria appointed

After 15 years with steel/enamel specialist Bette Rolf Viegener has retired.

Managing shareholder at Bette Thilo C. Pahl said: “Our warmest thanks go to him for the services he has provided for the company, and we wish him all the very best on his retirement”.

His successor is 36-year-old Ladislao Santamaria, who comes from the Spanish food retail industry. Santamaria has also worked as an international marketing director in Dubai for MÜPRO, a support systems producer.

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 Pahl commented: “With his global experience in the fields of business development, market and product strategy, Ladislao Santamaria is the perfect addition to the Bette family”.