Rosemary Shrager cooks with Mark Wilkinson OBE

31 Jul, 15

TV chef teaches Mark WIlkinson how to cook a risotto

Chef Rosemary Shrager used Mark Wilkinson kitchens to furnish her Cookery School in Tunbridge Well and they have recently joined together to create a cookery video.

In the video Shrager teaches Mark Wilkinson OBE how to cook a risotto on the central demonstration island, and it pans around to also show the student cooking areas, all created using the Cook’s kitchen.

Mark Wilkinson also offers his thoughts behind the design of the timeless kitchen furniture collection, which he says is “evocative of Middle England; of the golden age” and “picnics with wicker luggage with leather corners”.

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He likens kitchen furniture design to cooking, stating: “It’s starting with a dream, starting with an idea, and then just interpreting the ingredients into a story that you want to tell.”