Rotpunkt reaches €100 million euros and announces €50m investment

German kitchen manufacturer Rotpunkt has reported sales of €100 million euros, up  15% on 2021, and investment of €50m over coming years.

10 Feb, 23

German kitchen manufacturer Rotpunkt has reported sales of €100 million euros, up  15% on 2021, and investment of €50m over coming years.

Rotpunt reaches €100 million euro and announces €50m investment

The increase has been influenced by price adjustments, following price inflation in material and energy.

According to the company, 80% of its business has been from the export market, with Netherlands reporting the greatest share, followed by Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Scandinavia and Austria.

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It has also reported market development is currently underway in Slovenia and Croatia.

Managing director of marketing & sales at Rotpunkt Sven Herden commented on the results: “Around 5% of the sales increase can be attributed to a tangible increase in volume, which is further supported by our network of retailers who continue to take the Rotpunkt kitchen to the next level of quality design.

“Furthermore, the growing desire for added-value features like lighting and custom design elements are also helping to grow profit margins with additional sources of revenue coming from outside the kitchen like the utility room, bathroom, fitted wardrobes and walk-in dressing rooms.”

The family-owned kitchen manufacturer saw sales growth of 20% in 2021 and 54% from 2018-2022, with annual revenues rising from €65million euros in 2018, to €100 million in 2022.

With locations at Bünde and Getmold, Rotpunkt has expanded its workforce from 320 in 2021 to 369 at the end of 2022.

To support its growth, the company has made its investments in new buildings, machinery, warehousing, and logistics.

Rotpunkt has reported it will invest €15 million euros on increased capacity and overall business operations, including goods receiving, shipping and logistics, with a view to speed up product availability for retailers.

In addition, it has upgraded its Rotpunkt Echo Systems, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system introduced late 2022 and a central information platform  for real-time employee feedback

Added to this, planning permission has been granted for a new structure to be built at the company’s headquarters on Ladestraße in Bünde, with work earmarked to start in April 2023.

Rotpunkt Küchen is also set to invest €2.5 million euros in the replacement of current manufacturing equipment to enhance production, with the process line will going live in autumn 2023.

It will be supported by a series of new training facilities and exhibition space, once finalised.

Rotpunkt anticipates a moderate sales increase in 2023, despite the current economic climate.

Managing partner of Rotpunkt Andreas Wagner, believes sales this year will be “slightly above the previous year,” citing two reasons for this positive outlook: “A large backlog of orders, and high level of quality incoming sales.”