Rotpunkt says support apprenticeships

Retailers and manufacturers should take survey to help shape industry apprenticeships

12 Feb, 19

German kitchen furniture manufacturer Rotpunkt says support apprenticeships and help shape a professional career path into the kbb industry.

Rotpunkt says support apprenticeships

It follows the Institute for Apprenticeships (IFA) approving Level 3 apprenticeship standards for Fitted Furniture Design.

The qualification sits under the Level 4 & 5 FDA Foundation Degree in Kitchen Design and the next step is to develop the existing degree as an apprenticeship degree,

A survey is  being circulated, until February 28, to establish the kitchen industry’s appetite for developing higher education options to develop a professional pathway.

Head of UK operations at Rotpunkt UK Matt Phillips said: “Having already completed the survey, we strongly urge UK kitchen retailers and fellow manufacturers to also have their say, impact opinion polls and ultimately, future production.

“Without feedback from industry influencers, leading brands and companies that make up our sector, how can we collectively maintain our competitive power?

“It is therefore my recommendation that we all take time to communicate our needs to the right industry bodies, so that we can all become instrumental in the matter of further education.”

He continued: “In fact, skills shortages are putting significant pressure on the kitchen industry, which is why apprenticeship schemes that encourage new levels of engagement are imperative to safeguard the future of highly skilled kitchen design that is qualified and cutting edge.”

FIESTA plans to call on schools with effect from March 2019, with a view to invite postgraduates to visit key manufacturers throughout a trial period. If successful, it plans to roll out the scheme across the UK.