Rotpunkt introduces colours and carcase at KBB

24 Mar, 16

This year has seen the introduction of Bioboard, Q19 and a variety of colours

K&B News: What are you showing at KBB Birmingham?

Matt Phillips (MP): We’ve got a number of new introductions to the Roptpunkt range for 2016. The biggest improvement we’ve got in the range, for 2016, is a new carcase specification called Q19. It’s made up of horizontals that are 19mm. We’ve got an 8mm solid back for the units, that’s screwed and glued, and 17 of the cabinet colours are now made out of Bioboard.

K&B News: Can you explain a little about Bioboard?

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MP: Bioboard is a new development, where 30% of the carcase is made up of corn and 70% chipboard. It’s better for the environment. It’s sustainable and it makes the units lighter.

K&B News: What has the response been like to your latest products?

MP: Fantastic. Bioboard has been a good conversation starting point but customers are also looking at colours and finishes as well. When we put the whole package together, the Q19 carcase, including the Bioboard, with some of the new colours – the bronzes, the blues – it’s very well received.

K&B News: Who has visited your stand?

MP: We’ve had retailers. We’ve had some developers. We’ve had retailers from all over the country.