Samsung opens retail showcase in Harrods

05 Sep, 13

Kelly Hoppen designed retail space

Samsung has opened a retail space for its household appliances in Harrods, designed by Kelly Hoppen MBE.

The space showcases products unique to Harrods including: an Intelligent ecobubble washing machine, which is wifi enabled and can be operated by smartphone, T9000 fridge freezer, with a zone that can be switched from fridge to freezer, vacuum cleaners with dust sensor and UV light to neutralise allegens and the NEO cooking series, including Dual Cook.

President and CEO of consumer electronics at Samsung BK Yoon said: At Samsung, we are passionate about innovation and creating new technologies that genuinely change our customers’ lives for the better through features that make their lives easier…We’ve taken our technological expertise and applied it to what we use around our homes which has resulted in some of the appliances that are on show in Harrods. Naturally, we wanted to display our premium products in a premium way, so by working with Kelly Hoppen MBE to create an amazing space and placing it in an iconic store like Harrods, we have created an inspirations retail space that we feel will enhance our customers’ lives now and in the years to come.”

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Kelly Hoppen MBE added: “Our homes are so important to us – they are an expression of ourselves and placed we eat, sleep, work and play. There is a natural synergy between design and innovation and it is important that the two work in harmony to create an enjoyable experience in your home. May aim with the Samsung Home Innovation space was to create a beautiful, sleek design in my signature neutral style that showed off these innovative products and created a luxury experience in the home.”