Samsung targets kitchen specialists at May Design Series

28 Apr, 15

Chef built-in appliance collection designed for kitchen specialist channel

Samsung Electronics will be debuting at May Design Series with its recently-launched Chef Collection of built-in appliances on May 17-19 and is targeting the kitchen specialist channel.

Having joined forces with distributor PJH, senior product manager for Samsung Marina Wong said of its focus on the kitchen specialist channel “we think the timing is right, especially with the new product launch of the Chef Collection” and stated the company wanted to be an “important player”.

She added the company was “ambitious”, although would not be drawn on specific sales figures, and continued: “We know it all takes some time. It took two years to develop the oven [in the Chef Collection], so there is a lot of thought process going into what we are doing. But we do see it as one of our biggest opportunities, especially when we look at our premium products.”

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When challenged how kitchen retailers could be confident of the consumer electronics company focus on kitchen appliances, as opposed to tablets, phones, cameras, Wong replied: “When you look at digital appliances overall, it is our biggest growth area of the business, especially in the UK. Refrigerators have done quite well. We’ve had a lot of success there. We’ve had a lot of success with washing machines and it makes kitchens part of the the next growth category for us. With the Chef Collection, for example, there is a range we’ve developed with the kitchen specialist in mind.” 

Marina Wong explained the advantage of Samsung over established kitchen appliance brands: “It’s about developing expertise with our Club des Chefs collaboration with a group of Michelin starred chefs] which I don’t believe you see other brands pushing out there at the moment. We have really tackled insight and sat down with them to understand what is important to help create these products, so you as a home chef can create the same standard. That is what we really focus on, the technology around it, which is what Samsung is known for and what we are very good at.”

Wong said the Samsung brand “potentially” has the advantage of capturing consumer attention at a younger age than specialist kitchen appliance brands. But she emphasised its appliances weren’t aimed at the younger market. “When you look at the mobile and tablet generation, it’s a slightly younger demographic but I think when you look at the products, and when the kitchen especially, it’s a slightly older demographic. We don’t see it necessarily as just hitting a younger demographic.”