Samsung unveils Chef Collection

06 Feb, 15

Chef Collection of built-in appliances designed for Europe

At its EU Forum in Monaco, Samsung unveiled its Chef Collection of built-in kitchen appliances which have been created in collaboration with Michelin-starred chefs for the European market.

Available to UK retailers in March, the Chef Collection included a Refrigerator with Precise Chef Cooling and an oven which features Gourmet Vapour Technology and Wi-Fi connectivity. These were joined by an induction hob with Virtual Flame Technology, as well as a dishwasher with Samsung WaterWall claimed to enhance cleaning.

The A+++ rated RB800 refrigerator has 30% more capacity than a conventional Samsung model, but within the same footprint. It features a cooling plate, with Chef pan, to marinade, store and then ultimately cook food in.

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For cooking, Samsung revealed the Chef Collection Oven with Gourmet Vapour Technology, using steam to retain moisture. It boasts a 4.6” LCD control panel and can be controlled by Wi-FI, with a notification when cooking is complete, and accompanying app to offer recipes by the Michelin chefs.

The oven was joined by the Chef Collection 800mm Induction hob with Virtual Flame Technology and wide flex zone. It features embedded LEDs in each zone to resemble flames. The lights change colour to show the level of cooking power and it boasts a detachable magnetic knob, designed for ease of cleaning.

Completing the built-in appliance line-up was the Chef Collection dishwasher with WaterWall Technology, which rather than using a rotary spray uses a bar which moves along the base. It also features a Zone Booster which delivers higher pressurised water up to 15% higher than a standard wash, while being able to wash dishes and glasses at normal pressure on the other side.

Speaking at the launch, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics, BK Yoon said: “Over 18 months ago, Samsung brought together world-class chefs with its R&D teams to help bring new sophistication and innovation. With the Samsung Chef Collection, it’s time to discover what is really possible in the kitchen.”

He continued: “Today. Samsung is continually reinventing consumer technology that not only enhances one’s lifestyle, but also has the ability to make a real impact in the home. “Our collaboration with the Club des Chefs brings ground-breaking kitchen appliances that offer interior designers an exceptional level of innovation and quality for their clients, and a show-stopping level of presentation, cooking, presentation and premium style for European consumers.”