Saniflo UK targets consumers with Domestic Up

Print and digital campaign to highlight product range

10 Jul, 18

Manufacturer of pumps, macerators and shower cubicles Saniflo UK has embarked on a print and digital consumer campaign to create a pull for its Domestic Up range through its trade customers.

Running until November, the Discover with Saniflo campaign will focus on a range of products, including: Sanipro Up, Sanipack Pro, Sanislim, Sanishower Flat, Sanishower Floor, Sanitop and Sanivite.

It will highlight how homeowners can create additional bathroom or kitchen facilities with its product offer.

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Saniflo UK targets consumers with Domestic Up

The company has previously used TV advertising to promote its Kinedo Kinemagic shower cubicle.

UK head of marketing and product development for Saniflo UK Ann Boardman commented: “Saniflo traditionally embarks upon a strong consumer campaign every year. This time we’re switching focus from Kinedo Kinemagic to the Saniflo Domestic Up range.

“Last year was the biggest product launch to date, and to support our trade customers we want to educate homeowners in the versatility of our new range, highlighting the face that it can be convenient and affordable to create additional bathroom and kitchen facilities and ways and place they never thought possible.”