Saunders: “Now we’re talking about the future”

14 Mar, 14

Sales and marketing director of Blum UK, David Saunders says the industry is now talking about the future

Sales and marketing director of Blum UK, David Saunders spoke about the heightened level of optimism and increase in innovation at kbbBirmingham.

Saunders stated there was more positivity and talk by exhibitors and retailers about the future of the industry: “Two years’ ago, there was a lot more talking about ‘the now’. And now we’re talking about the future and I think for all of us in the industry that’s a positive thing.”

Blum not only used the show to tell the story about its heritage but also product innovation and, in fact, sponsored kbbBirmingham’s Innovation Awards.

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Saunders explained why: “As far as Blum is concerned, innovation is key to our business.” He continued stating, “It’s the lifeblood, and it’s the DNA of what runs through the Blum brand.”

Surprised at the number and level of entries in the Innovation Awards, Saunders continued: “I have to say judging the Innovation Awards was really difficult. We started in the bathroom hall, thinking maybe it will take an hour. Two hours later, we were still in the bathroom hall.”

A full review of kbbBirmingham will appear in the April issue of Kitchens & Bathrooms News.