Save! WC from Laufen wins Wallpaper Design Award

Solution to nitrogen pollution of sea and land

16 Jan, 20

The Save! WC from Swiss bathroom manufacturer Laufen has been presented a Wallpaper Design Award 2020 for Life Enhancer of the Year.

Save! WC from Laufen wins Wallpaper Design Award

Designed in collaboration with Austrian design group Eoos and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Save! meets the environmental challenge of soil and water pollution from nitrogen.

Although with the same aesthetics of a standard WC, Save! separates urine from water at source, using a concealed trap.

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The urine can then be treated and used as fertiliser, which has been licensed by the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture.

Commented on the award winning WC, the Wallpaper magazine judges commented: “The Save! toilet features a game-changing urine separation system that could revolutionise the sanitation industry…

“A simple curve in the base of the ceramic toilet bowl siphons off urine towards a concealed outlet using only water tension.

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“Not only could the urine trap remove the excessive toxins from urban waste water that currently pollute coastal areas, but it could also provide an opportunity for collected urine to be specially treated and put to good use.

“The nutrients present in urine, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, can be extracted and used to product a fertiliser suitable for use on all plants.”