Scavolini launches first kbb furniture with built-in Alexa

Dandy Plus is available for the kitchen, bathroom and living room

07 Jan, 21

Italian manufacturer Scavolini has introduced Dandy Plus furniture for the kitchen, bathroom and living room, which is claimed to be the first to feature built-in Amazon Alexa.

Scavolini launches first kbb furniture with Alexa built-in

Creating its “future-ready” collection, Scavolini has also made a nod to the past as Dandy was Scavolini’s best-selling kitchen collection in the 1980s.

Partnering with architect Fabio Novembre, Dandy Plus has been created to appeal to a younger generation of consumers who expect a level of connectivity in their homes.

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Fabio Novembre explained: “These young homeowners will decide how to interpret their connected kitchen, whether to prepare food there or to listen to music while awaiting its delivery.

“Their society is a virtual community that uses Alexa to provide the right piece of advice at just the right time.”

Alexa is built into the Task Bar which is secured to the wall as part of the kitchen, living room or bathroom furniture.

Scavolini launches first kbb furniture with built-in Alexa


Dandy Plus features a “bridge” design and is available in a choice of five colours for its customisable elements, such as handles and buttons.

CEO of Scavolini Fabiana Scavolini commented: “Our Made in Italy tradition, teamed with unwavering technological research, have led to this extraordinary project, which looks to the near future, while reinventing our past.

“On the one hand, the shapes of Dandy Plus bring to mind our best-selling model from the 1980s, Dandy, and on the other it is a clear tribute to Italian design and a solution to the current needs of consumers who are increasingly connected.

“In the partnership with Novembre Studio, we started by thinking about the increasingly pervasive role of technology in our everyday activities and in our homes, and ended up creating a smart and comprehensive project.

“By incorporating Alexa, we gave Dandy Plus a voice: a smart, innovative and comprehensive project, designed for everyone who wants an all-over digital experience at home too.”