Scavolini opens largest UK store

Joining its flagship Scavolini Store in London is Preston

15 Feb, 19

Italian kitchen, bathroom and living space furniture manufacturer Scavolini is opening its largest UK store in Preston, Lancashire, in March.

Scavolini opens largest UK store

Measuring more than 400sqm, The Scavolini Store Preston will be solus and alike all its showrooms will be in partnership with a retailer.

Branch manager of Scavolini UK Vittorio Naldi said: “It will be a point of reference for that [geographical] area in terms of design, product and latest novelties.”

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When asked why Scavolini chose Preston for its Store concept, Vittorio Naldi said it would capture business from affluent consumers in nearby Manchester, adding: “It’s going to be very important for us. We are very excited.”

Wigan-based Skyline has been a Scavolini retailer for the past seven years and, as part of its expansion plans, the company will also own and run The Scavolini Store in Preston.

It also forms part of Scavolini’s ambitions to grow its current retail network of 12 showrooms with  four further openings, including Preston, planned by the end of the year.

Vittorio Naldi commented on retailers’ investing in their business, despite the uncertainty of Brexit: “I am shocked people are still investing and I am surprised how the British culture is confident and wants to carry on, but I am very happy about that.”

He continued saying although the UK public believes “it’s probably going to be a big mess for a few months”, retailers are “super confident for the future.”

Scavolini opened its flagship London showroom in partnership with Multi Living, in 2015, and also counts London-based retailer Day True as part of its retail network.

Operating across the world, Scavolini has a turnover of 230million in 2018 and the company grew export in 2018 by 20%.

It has offices in New York, Miami, Shanghai, UK and is opening in Paris.