Schock repositions brand at 90th anniversary

25 Sep, 14

International event sees Schock reposition its brand and launch lifestyle campaign

Granite sink manufacturer Schock invited dealers to an international event in Berlin, to celebrate its 90th anniversary, where it repositioned its brand and showcased its associated lifestyle campaign.

Director of international sales and head of marketing at Schock, Sven-Michael Funck commented: “We took our anniversary as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Our whole image has been recast and goes hand in hand with the new lifestyle campaign.

“We have also developed numerous innovations on the product side. It was important to us to present our repositioning as a lifestyle brand and demonstrate our product highlights to our dealers in person, giving them an even better understanding of the SCHOCK brand.”

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The two-day event, which saw dealers attend from 30 countries, was held at e-werk – the birthplace of techno music. Managing director of Schock, Ralf Boberg explained why the company chose the venue, stating: “The e-werk blends tradition with modernity and has outlasted numerous historical highs and lows – just like SCHOCK as a company.

“The e-werk has always been a gathering spot for people who have an appetite for the new and who set the trends. The techno movement is an example of that – this is where it originated. It was in this very place, 25 years ago, that something brand new and unique was born in the form of techno music, which went on to catch the ear of the world. And it’s my hope that we ourselves are also creating something that will go out from here today and find its way into the wider world”.

As part of its product launches for 2015, Schock unveiled the limited edition Carbon N-100L and to showcase its impact resistance one out of the 99 models made was dropped from several metres in a live test.

Ralf Boberg commented: “This ultimate product is like the Ferrari of the sink world and embodies in its purest form the consistent delivery of our lifestyle and premium strategy.” 

Operating in 70 countries, globally, Schock opened a subsidiary in the US earlier this year.