Schuller expands HQ factory

Construction to start taking place in autumn 2018

26 Jun, 18

German fitted kitchen furniture manufacturer Schuller is set to expand its production facility at its HQ in Herrieden.

According to the company, it will allow the business to grow in a competitive environment and help secure its future.

The additional facilities will be combined into the existing production process and will also see a boost to employment, providing an additional 800 jobs and bringing staff levels to 2,400.

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Covering a total area of 125,000sqm, the development will be split between 93,000sqm of construction and 40,000sqm of ecological space for the local city.

The first phase of construction will take place during the autumn of 2018, with the first kitchens scheduled to leave the production lines by mid 2021.

Founded in 1966, the family-owned Schuller produces more than 120,000 kitchens and had a turnover of €449million in 2017.

Schuller is one of the top five kitchen producers in Germany.