Scotland: Kbb installers can work in empty homes

The rules have changed for kbb installers working in Scotland, which means they can now work in empty properties.

12 Mar, 21

Kbb installers working in Scotland can now work in empty homes, according to Coronavirus rule changes made by the Scottish Government on March 12.

"Essential work" only for installers in Scotland COVID Level 4

According to Coronavirus regulations, work can be carried out if it is essential for the maintenance, upkeep or functioning of the home or where the house is unoccupied.

The regulations further state people must not go into other people’s houses for that type of work where it is not essential.

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And it states businesses who employ people to carry out this work should consider if it is essential before asking their employees to enter someone else’s home.

Having moved to COVID level 4, on January 5 2021, the Scottish Government announced installers can only complete “essential work”.

However, the rules now allow for non-essential work if the property is empty.

Scotland is also set to take a “phased and careful” approach to easing lockdown rules, with first minister Nicola Sturgeon stating non-essential retail will open on April 26.

It will see the reopening of kbb showrooms in Scotland, as alike England and Wales they are considered ‘non-essential’ retail.

Scotland will be the last country in Great Britain to open non-essential retail with England and Wales expected to open on April 12.