Sensio explored future lighting at KBB

18 Mar, 16

We talk to director Michael Linsky and marketing manager Leanne Adamson

K&B News: What has Sensio been doing in the run up to KBB Birmingham 2016?

Michael Linsky (ML): We have got three full-time product designers in house and we have been working towards creating a speaker system over the past year or so. It is now finished, it’s in the market, and we won the Innovation Award at the show this year. We’ve got to be forward thinking, so we are looking at completely new designs in kitchen lighting and how it integrates with automation.

We have a new app where you can sync all the lights and you can work everything through an iPhone or an Android phone. We are looking at wireless charging systems and the big change on the stand for us this year is that we are presenting, for the first time, organic LED. It’s a new light source. It is what they use in TV. It’s not ready yet for the market, but we’ve got to start looking at the possibilities of what it can be.

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K&B News: What have you launched at the show this year?

Leanne Adamson (LA): We launched bathroom lighting initially two years ago, but we have just completely revamped and relaunched it in February this year. Everything is LED, we have a range of 26 LED mirrors including diffused and backlit mirrors. All of the diodes are diffused which is what people are wanting for a high-end look. We have launched decorative lighting as well such as ceiling lighting and wall lighting, so you can create the hotel or boutique feeling in your own home.

K&B News: What has been the response to your stand?

LA: A lot of people do kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, so is has been great for us to show to them because we are known by them, and great for those people because they can see what we are offering. But we have also had a lot of people who don’t know who Sensio are on the bathroom side but the feedback has been absolutely fantastic. Everybody loves it. We have got concept products that we are looking to launch later in the year and they have gone down fantastically so we are wanting to progress with that when we get back.

ML: This show has been by far the busiest I can remember since 2002 when we did our first KBB, so really we couldn’t have wished for anything more.