Sigma 3 invests in green initiatives

16 Dec, 14

Plans to drive down carbon footprint and accelerate recycling

Wales-based furniture manufacturer Sigma 3, which manufactures Masterclass Kitchens, is set to drive down its carbon footprint and accelerate its recycling rate to 100%, by the end of 2015.

The company introduced a sustainability programme eight years’ ago to reduce waste, improve efficiency and make cost savings. It put a waste management programme in place, recycling cardboard, wood and metal but now it plans to reuse waste materials or divert into alternative waste streams, preventing them being sent to landfill.

Sigma 3 will be trialling a shredding machine, turning wood waste into chippings which can be made into briquettes for wood burning stoves. It is also set to introduce Ecogate which monitors dust extraction machines and when not in use adjusts their speed accordingly, introduce motion sensor lighting and low energy lighting strips.

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Managing director of Masterclass Kitchens, Gerald Jones commented: “As a company that has been manufacturing kitchens for 40 years, it is important that we move with the times by improving and adapting our processes to ensure we have a minimum negative impact on the environment. “We are not only a local employer which believes in creating opportunities for future generations to continue our heritage, we are an environmentally-aware business with clear goals to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and to reduce our carbon footprint.”

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