Simon Taylor furniture offers manufacturing support

Simon Taylor Furniture offers assistance to retailers affected by kitchen factory closures

19 Mar, 20

Bespoke kitchen manufacturer Simon Taylor Furniture is offering to facilitate orders for businesses affected by factories closures around the world due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Simon Taylor furniture offers manufacturing support


With a joinery workshop and CNC machinery, the Buckinghamshire-based company has the capacity to start fulfilling orders immediately.

Being a bespoke business, the company can manufacture cabinetry using similar materials and components that have already been specified, or offer viable alternatives  to make kitchens within original quoted pricing.

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The meeting and order process can be organised remotely, if necessary.

Managing director of Simon Taylor Furniture, Simon Taylor said:“At this time of crisis we want to lend our manufacturing support to kitchen retailers that need to fulfil orders to satisfy their customers and to keep their businesses running as smoothly as possible.

“We know that many companies and competitors are being affected by supply chain issues and we can offer an immediate solution.

“We have been in business for 35 years and we have a long-held reputation for making high quality furniture.

“One of the advantages of being a truly bespoke manufacturer is that we can literally work with any design and we offer favourable lead times.

“We also have a fully employed installation team, so we can provide a full package of services if required.

“My company has not been directly affected by COVID-19 and we are respecting government guidelines by taking all necessary precautions.

“Unless the situation changes, we will remain open for business and fully operational.”